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Our General
Terms and Conditions

When we start advising our clients or represent them in court, we enter into an agreement for the provision of legal services. With regard to this agreement our general terms and conditions apply. Read more about this below.

Download Wieringa Advocaten's General Terms and Conditions

Please be advised that Article 4 of the General Terms and Conditions stipulates that any liability proven attributable to Wieringa Advocaten is limited to the amount paid out in the applicable case under the professional indemnity policy carried by Wieringa Advocaten, plus the amount of the deductible (first limited amount of damages) which is not borne by the insurer under the policy conditions.

The General Terms and Conditions also stipulate that the legal relationship between the client and Wieringa Advocaten is governed by Dutch law and that any disputes will be exclusively resolved by such court in Amsterdam that has jurisdiction.


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